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Weekends at Canford

'Boarders benefit enormously from the excellent facilities and activities on offer in the evenings and at weekends.' (ISI Inspectorate)

As a full boarding school, Canford is committed to ensuring that pupils have a lively and stimulating programme of activities available to them during weekends.  The school term is a mix of 'A' weekends, where all boarders must stay in, traditional exeats and weekends where pupils may go home after Saturday school obligations, returning on Sunday evening.   On average, over 60% of boarders choose to stay in school for these weekends.  

There is plenty on offer on both Saturday evenings and Sundays, combining organised school activities with house based events.  The sports centre and swimming pool are open to the pupils every Sunday between 11am and 3pm and there is usually a free minibus service to Tower Park. 


House staff do find that after a busy working week, pupils also enjoy spending time simply relaxing with their friends in house. 

There is the opportunity for those who board and live further afield to spend some Saturday nights with friends who live locally if they wish. 

"The new Sunday activities have meant a lot to me. Having participated in the pizza making, west

quay and ice skating and probably more, it has been great, and so much fun to get out and do

something different.  There is always something to look forward to." Fourth Former


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