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Spiritual Life

Christian foundation

The Christian faith has been at the heart of Canford’s spiritual identity since the School was founded in 1923. In 21st century multi-cultural Britain we seek to remain true to those Christian foundations, whilst welcoming those from a variety of faith backgrounds (or none). Pupils are encouraged to be open-minded and think for themselves as they encounter the Christian faith in chapel and on other informal occasions. The spiritual aim of the school is to nurture faith where it exists while arousing curiosity in all pupils towards their spiritual dimension.

Open to all

The chaplaincy programme is set in the context of a broad education where pupils will engage with ideas and worldviews of all kinds, not least in the classroom and amongst their peers. Many religions and outlooks are represented within the body of the School, with pupils being given support in maintaining the requirements of their faith where possible. All are encouraged to explore religious and ethical issues and in this the ordained chaplain is supported by a number of members of staff.