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School House

School House is one of the three original houses at Canford.  It is a boys’ boarding house and is based in elegantly renovated accommodation on the upper floors of the Manor House.



Richard Jones

Richard joined Canford in 2016 following six years at St John's Leatherhead. He worked in industry before moving into education, teaches Economics and Business Studies and is an experienced sports coach.  Richard is married to Emily and they have a young son.





Tel: 01202 847223

Fax: 01202 847230

Richard Jones:

Penny Cheesman:

Tina Protopsaltis:

Please note: Housemasters have full-time teaching commitments, coach sports and lead other school activities. Evenings are the best time to try to reach them on the phone.

House Tutors

Sam Leiper

Andrew Kerr

Al Tyndall

One Lee





Penny Cheesman


Tina Protopsaltis