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27 January 2017

Inaugural Drama Festival

The first Canford Drama Festival was held over four evenings in the Layard Theatre from 23rd to 26th January.   Houses chose their own play which was to be no more than 45 minutes long, and organised rehearsals, costumes and production with just a little guidance from drama department and house staff.   Parents were invited to come along to watch the performances, enjoying festival drinks beforehand.

The festival was adjudicated by the Drama Department.  Many congratulations to the following pupils nominated in the various categories, and to overall winners Court House for their beautifully acted and superbly-paced performance.

Best Overall Performance - Court

Outstanding Achievement Awards - Iona Stacy-Marks and Patrick Regan (Marriotts/School)

Producer - Iona Stacy-Marks and Patrick Regan (Marriotts/School); Cosmo Hamilton-Davies and Luke Johnson (Beaufort/Franklin); Ella Scott (Lancaster)

Director - Iona Stacy-Marks and Patrick Regan (Marriotts/School); Chloe Gadd (Salisbury); Anthony Wells (Court)

Set Design – Salisbury; Lancaster; Court

Lighting Operator - Octavia Wright (Lancaster)

Sound Operator - Nathan Bulstrode (Salisbury)

Stage Manager - Sarah Elliott (Lancaster)

Ensemble - Marriotts/School, Lancaster, Court


Lower School Actor

Gabe Wilkinson (Marriotts/School)

Seb Collingridge (Beaufort/Franklin)

George Farthing (Court)

Connor Williams (de Lacy/Monteacute)

Emma Large (de Lacy/Monteacute)

Milenka Soskin (de Lacy/Monteacute)


Upper School Supporting Actor

Issy Raby (Marriotts/School)

Patrick Regan (Marriotts/School)

Lucy Chapple (Marriotts/School)

Anthony Ford-Marsland (Salisbury)

Max Johnson (Court)

Will Jacobs (Court)


Upper School Actor

Alex Eyre (Marriotts/School)

Brennan Dyball (Salisbury)

Annabelle Budd (Franklin/Beaufort)

Ollie Dunger (Court)

Louis James (Court)

Daisy Morse (de Lacy/Monteacute)


Helen Craig, who adjudicated the festival, said:  ‘I have really enjoyed getting involved with houses, helping them to shape and polish their performances. It has been a really great week – and trying to decide who should receive awards has been one of the hardest things I have had to do at Canford. All the pupils deserve congratulations for making the festival such an exciting and varied event and for achieving such high standards.’

Chris Thomas, Director of Drama, commented:  ‘Our first Drama Festival has been a great success. The atmosphere of excitement, enjoyment and mutual support all week in The Layard has been a real joy. Seeing how impressively the pupils have embraced the challenge of producing, directing, acting and stage-managing their own productions has been a real inspiration, and putting it all into one week has created a real buzz around the Layard. Many thanks to all the staff, pupils and parents for their excellent contributions.’


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