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29 November 2016

'Palimpsest' Art Exhibition - Nicola Will

Canford's Head of Art, Nicola Will, is exhibiting her exciting new collection of work in the Coldstream Gallery, featuring textiles, photography, sound and mixed media pieces.  The exhibition will be displayed until the 16th December, with a private viewing on Wednesday 30th November from 6pm-8pm which both staff and parents are welcome to attend.

"The notion of the aesthetic appeal of everyday imperfection, both as aspects of a flawed object and as a representation of an imperfect moment or event have become fundamental to the development of this work.  Flaws, imperfections and indications of past use are part of the history of an object.  The marks, stains, tears and holes reflect events and a hint to a past and these have been incorporated into the work both visually and conceptually.

These pieces merely exist as a response to a series of occurrences that were challenging and unpleasant.  It offered a strategy to re-write events, to plaster over them and present a new version: through repetition to make them emotionally less powerful and create something visual and pleasing."

Nicola Will, Head of Art


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