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28 November 2016

Canford Voted Best Delegation at Model United Nations

This year’s Model United Nations conference was held at Clayesmore on 26th November.  Canford pupils achieved outstanding success, and this year represented the best performance ever achieved by Canford in the ten years that we have taken part in Model UN conferences.

Canford's delegation representing China won the coveted 'Best Delegation' title. Of the twelve pupils who took part, nine won individual awards: Yernur Niyetkaliyev, Anna van Wingerden and Imogen Young, were judged best delegates in their committees, while four more were ‘Highly Commended’ and two were ‘Commended’.

The idea of a Model United Nations is that delegations of six students from the same school represent a particular country, in this case China and Spain. Together with students from other schools, they discuss a variety of major international issues in the same way as the real United Nations. So they have to write clauses for resolutions, negotiate with other countries to support them, then debate the issue in a Committee (such as the Security Council, the Human Rights Committee and the Disarmament Committee).

Mark Rathbone, MUN Co-ordinator commented- "I was tremendously impressed by the way in which, right from the start of the conference, all the members of our two delegations got involved in the lobbying, networking and debating which make MUN such a valuable experience." 


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