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22 June 2016

Award for Canford at F24 Goodwood Race

Many congratulations to our F24 racers who won the ‘Spirit of Greenpower’ award at Goodwood last weekend.   This year’s team was Mikhail Goncharov, Matt Shuttleworth and Jake Jefferies, supported by Physics teacher and F24 enthusiast Steve Excell.

Up against 94 teams from across the country, the competition was fierce and the day did not go entirely to plan for the Canford crew.  In the fourth row when the flag dropped, the car seemed to grind to a halt after the push start, which was later traced to an electrical issue.   The cars behind dodged around us but car 89 from Forest School smashed into the rear and was badly damaged, while the Canford car shrugged the impact off with a flat rear tyre.

Canford was back on the track within 10 minutes but rather than restart, the crew joined the Forest School team to repair the damage to their car.  Both teams together raced around to ask others if they had any spare parts and two M8 rose joints were donated by some apprentice engineers from Gloucestershire company Renishaw Engineering.   Both schools’ teachers bent their components straight and got the suspension refitted, and after a massive combined team effort, the Forest School driver took the car back down pit lane to huge cheers from the Canford team and parents.  They were back in the race!

The delay due to the repairs made in Race One meant that the team was unsure of the battery life for the full race distance.   In the final lap the battery gave out but the Canford car managed to edge over the line just before the chequered flag dropped, meaning calculations had not been far off the mark. 

For the team’s sportsmanship and Mr Excell’s help, Forest nominated Canford for the ‘Spirit of Greenpower’ award. We have been nominated for this award twice before over the years, but were thrilled to win it this time.   

Steve Excell was very proud of the team' approach and attitude:

“I am very proud that Canford is becoming equally well known for dogged determination on track as well as for being superb sports in the paddock. The F24 team has showcased the ethos and camaraderie of Canfordians in every outing.  We put in a total distance of 31.2 miles in the 90 minute race, placing us 24th out of the field of 62 teams. Last year we made the finals with a distance of 30.8 miles so we have a decent chance of getting there again this year. Our next race is at Castle Coombe on 25th September next year and we’ll be aiming to secure our place in the finals then.”



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