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03 March 2016

Land Rover 4x4 National Challenge 2016 

A team of four Canfordians took part in this year’s regional heat of the Land Rover 4x4 competition at Exeter University on 1st March.  Archie Hunter, Katy Jack, Zach Fenwick and Jack Salmon took up the challenge to design, build, modify and drive a radio controlled 4 wheel drive vehicle around a technical and challenging ‘off road’ course.  Their build criteria included a chassis, an original body shell, a tilt sensor and alarm, an automatic light system and a tow bar, all complying with rigorous engineering technical regulations.  The team gave a technical presentation of their design work to a judging panel, producing a display stand and portfolio, before demonstrating the vehicle. 

The team performed particularly well in the engineering scrutineering where their knowledge of what they had done, and more importantly why, was clearly evident to the judges.  The driving was a stressful moment for some members of the group as it was the only public section of testing but it was a good drive from all, with some good lessons learned about the need to reduce the centre of gravity to increase the stability over steep ground!

The Canford group was delighted to win the Judges’ Discretionary Award for innovative use of materials, in this case the use of recycled milk bottles.

Jon Martin, DT teacher and co-ordinator of the Canford team, was delighted with the performance:

“This year was all about inspiring this young team and giving them a chance to see the standard of what other teams produce with a view to entering again next year and an aim of getting through to the nationals.  The team worked incredibly hard getting the vehicle assembled in time and we will be working on our pit display, presentation and folio for next year’s entry.”

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