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12 January 2016

National Success in Physics Olympiad

Many congratulations to pupils Tom Minall and Jack Lee who have both won Bronze Awards in the first round of this year’s Physics Olympiad.  Tom came in the top 550 and Jack in the top 750 out of 1600 entries from pupils across the UK.  The competition is run by the British Physics Olympiad, a charitable trust which offers both Physics and Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiads each year. 

The Physics Olympiad is hosted by the University of Oxford and supported by the Ogden Trust and the Institute of Physics.  It has been running for 25 years and is the flagship competition for the association.  It is designed to stretch and challenge the top young physicists in the country.  Pupils sit a two and a half hour paper at their schools and entries are marked by a central panel at the Olympiad headquarters in Oxford.

As the Olympiad organisers say:

“Students achieving a certificate of any colour in the BPhO are very able physicists.”


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