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08 January 2016

General Studies Talks

The spring term's General Studies talks started on Friday with a captivating talk by Matthew Eyre – ‘Biking across the Wall; Conflict in the Middle East’. 

All Sixth Formers were present for this fascinating talk as part of the wider school enrichment programme.  For further images from the event, please click here

This term is set to include a variety of other exciting talks, including:

Fri 15th Jan: Jeff Wilson, OC, Wildlife Film Producer – ‘Beyond Planet Earth’

Fri 22nd Jan: Major General Chip Chapman, British Military Advisor - ‘From Falklands to The War on Terror’

Fri 29th Jan: Matthew Parker – ‘Maths; don’t make me laugh!’

Fri 5th Feb: John Bowers – ‘Inside Times – Experiences of Prison Life’

Fri 26th Feb: Maudie Fraser – ‘Finding Hope - The Refugee Crisis in Greece’

Fri 4th March: Sensei Study – ‘Memory Mnemonics’

Fri 11th Mar: Ian Parnell, Photographer and Mountaineer – ‘Mountains in Mind’        

Fri 25th Mar: Marie-Christine Nabigwe – ‘Escaping Rwanda’



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