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Marriotts is the first purpose-built girls’ boarding house, named after Canford’s fifth headmaster, Martin Marriott. It lies in the north east of the grounds, near the sports centre and overlooking the golf course.



Cathy Byng

Cathy Byng joined Canford in 1995 as the school went fully co-educational, and established the girls’ games programme. She teaches chemistry, runs a community service project and has coached top teams in hockey, netball and swimming. Her husband, Rob Hooker, teaches biology at Canford. They have two boys, Angus and Monty.


Tel: 01202 847323 

Fax: 01202 847330 

Cathy Byng 

Madaline Robinson

Please note: Housemistresses have full-time teaching commitments, coach sports and lead other school activities. Evenings are the best time to try to reach them on the phone.

House Tutors

Helen Craig

Aislinn Pearce

Ruth Partington

Tash Wilson



Charmaine Robinson

Tracey Kimbley