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Academic Achievement

'The level of attainment, taken with other inspection evidence and the high quality of teaching, indicates that pupils make excellent long-term progress.  Pupils respond wholeheartedly to the outstanding opportunities to enrich and broaden their academic experience.'(ISI Inspectorate)

Pupils generally take ten GCSEs, four AS levels and then three A levels from the original AS choices.   Canford has a fine reputation for consistently excellent examination results - please see the downloadable files on the right for our latest.  These are testament to the high quality teaching and the breadth of academic curriculum which enable each pupil to develop his or her individual strengths.

Academic work may be the ladder to universities and careers but it is equally the source of much pleasure and personal growth, regardless of ability.   We believe classrooms should be exploratory and imaginative places, full of open-mindedness, trust and humour.   We are happy to see pupils taking risks and making mistakes for they learn more richly and rapidly through enterprise than through duty or fear.   Academic departments have it as their mission to foster qualities of intellectual endeavour and independent thinking.