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De Lacy

de Lacy House is the school’s newest house, founded in 2001. It is named after Alice de Lacy, the Countess of Salisbury who owned Canford in the early years of the fourteenth century.  The house emblem is derived from the de Lacy lion.  The house is adjacent to Marriotts near the golf course and sports centre.


Sascha Deblander

Sascha Deblander joined Canford in 2012 to teach Geography and Politics following several years of living and working in a variety of places overseas as a communications consultant, strategist and project manager.  She speaks several languages and using her international experience has been a key participant in the school Global Forum programme.  Sascha runs a number of afternoon activities and currently coaches hockey and rowing.  She also enjoys to travel and takes many field trips, both locally and abroad.  


Tel: 01202 847358

Fax: 01202 847350

Sascha Deblander

Viv Trowbridge

Please note:Housemistresses have full-time teaching commitments, coach sports and lead other school activities. Evenings are the best time to try to reach them on the phone.

House Tutors

Emma Bennett

Charlotte Franklin

Kate Orpwood

Laura Pick

Hannah Ryan




Viv Trowbridge

Linda Davis

Sally Bennett