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Day Pupils at Canford

Day pupils at Canford can join one of three mixed houses at Canford - Lancaster, Salisbury and Wimborne.   

Day houses are organised in exactly the same way as the boarding houses.  Each has a housemaster/mistress to provide continuity of care from before arrival through to university and beyond, and house tutors who share responsibility for one year-group's welfare and academic progress. Each house has at least one matron looking after sixty to sixty five boys and girls.

Day pupils are fully integrated into life at Canford.  All houses, whether boarding or day, are run along similar lines and there is plenty of opportunity for pupils from different houses to mix. Pupils are fully integrated during lessons and activities throughout the main school day and all meals are eaten centrally in the Great Hall.

There is a full programme of evening and weekend activities on offer. Day pupils are always welcome to join these school events and many do often stay on in the evenings to take part in activities such as music concerts, plays and societies.

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