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Creative Arts

The Creative Arts thrive at Canford and even if you do not take Art, Music or Drama as an Academic option for GCSE or A'Level, there is plenty of opportunity to hone your artistic talents. The school has a wonderful theatre seating over 300 with sophisticated lighting and sound systems, while the Music School has a 200 seat auditorium as well as individual practice rooms and classrooms.   The art department is spread across two buildings with an adjoining courtyard area perfect for displaying art or working on projects outdoors and offers specialist teaching for the different art disciplines.

Each year group performs a play on stage in the Layard Theatre every year and regular concerts are held both in the Music School and in a variety of prestigious external venues, including Poole’s Arts Centre, the home of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. The art department welcomes pupils who might have an interest in a particular area of art or sculpture, or simply wish to develop their drawing, painting or 3D skills.

School societies offer potential orators the chance to shine in debates and discussions, while budding journalists can develop their skills helping to write for and edit the pupil journal 'The Canfordian' which is published annually.