Court House was opened in 1924 in the old estate Farm House and was so named due to its proximity to the Real Tennis court. It relocated to an impressive new building in September 2002 looking out over Brook astroturf and the sports pitches at the South end of the Park.


Sindre Vandvik

Sindre joined Canford in January 2006 and has been a tutor in Court House since 2007.  In addition to teaching English, he is involved with the academic enrichment programme and is Head of Football.  He is married to Claire and they have three young sons.  He enjoys music, theatre, film, art and comedy, and also the great outdoors, whether on foot or by ski.




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Sindre Vandvik:

Joyce Frame:

Please note: Housemasters have full-time teaching commitments, coach sports and lead other school activities. Evenings are the best time to try to reach them on the phone.

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Joyce Frame

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Claire Vandvik