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Community Action

Canford regards links with and service in the community as a natural dimension of learning.  The sense of giving and co-operative achievement on which boarding school life is built here is extended beyond the school gates.

Community Action Brochure

Within Canford's community service programme, most Sixth Formers will be engaged at some point or other with voluntary work on a Monday afternoon.  The school has many long standing links with voluntary projects in the local community.  These local partnerships range from helping at local primary schools to working with handicapped adults in a day centre.

Younger pupils who do not join the CCF are involved in conservation activities either on the school site or in conjunction with the Dorset Wildlife Trust, for example on Brownsea Island, or with the local authority.  Twice a year, on Enterprise Day, pupils are able to devote a whole day to their particular voluntary project.


Last year 8,888 volunteer hours were given by Sixth Formers, with 219 pupils involved in over 33 different Community Action programmes.  Over 100 hours spent performing musical concerts in care homes, 150 hours visiting patients at the Lewis Manning Hospice and 225 hours were spent helping at 3 local charity shops.  Among our current projects:

  • Helping in classrooms at 13 different local first schools
  • Science tutoring of C/D Grade GCSE students and teaching assistance for KS3 stage pupils at The Bourne Academy
  • Language support lessons at Colehill First School
  • Classics support lessons at Heathlands, Kingsleigh and Christ the King First Schools
  • Classroom help at three local special schools
  • Running drama workshops for pupils with special needs from Beaucroft School using the Layard Theatre
  • Teaching swimming in the Canford pool to pupils from Hampreston First School
  • Running activities for pupils with physical handicaps from Langside School
  • Working in a number of local charity shops
  • Helping at a sheltered workplace
  • Visiting day patients at the Lewis Manning hospice
  • Community Sports Award leaders in local sport
  • Helping at an adult day centre for the disabled
  • Visiting patients with Alzheimer’s at two local care homes
  • Musical concerts at various residential and day centres
  • Visiting the elderly in their homes
  • Volunteering at High Mead Farm, a supported work environment for those with learning and physical disabilities
  • Voluntary work at a local veterinary clinic