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Admissions - Introduction

The first step on the road to an admission to Canford is to visit the school.

There are two options:

  • You are welcome to contact the Admissions Office to arrange an appointment to meet the Headmaster and tour the school with a pupil on a visit which lasts approximately two hours.
  • Alternatively you can visit us on an Open Day.

Admission in all cases is finally dependent upon the academic standard shown under exam conditions and a satisfactory Head’s report from the previous school.

Canford considers every potential pupil on an equal basis.    Please see our Admissions Policy for further background.    We offer Scholarships at 13+ and 16+ and means tested financial assistance throughout the school.


Full reports from the ISI and Ofsted may be downloaded below.  

> Click here to view Canford's ISI Inspection Report

> Click here to view Canford's Ofsted Report

Good Schools Guide

A very special school and one that can easily hold its own with the most popular in the country. The whole place fizzes with activity from dawn till dusk and results are easily as good as other co-ed schools with illustrious names. With its first-rate teaching, stunning setting and innovative ideas, Canford is definitely at the top of its game.

Click here to view the Good Schools Guide to Canford

University Destinations

Please click here for information about our University destinations please visit