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Pastoral Life

At least as much true learning happens outside the classroom as within it.  Here pupils learn to tolerate and trust, to respect diversity and to support each other through challenging times.

Houses stimulate the development of valuable life skills such as teamwork and leadership.   They are communities where every pupil matters and in which all pupils can develop confidence and self awareness.

The very best pastoral care often occurs between the pupils themselves but each house has a married housemaster/mistress, three tutors (one resident) and at least one matron.   We aim to balance the intake so no house dominates in a particular field for long.  This helps to maintain the school's collegiate feel, where houses are integral components of the school, not isolated units.   All staff are well aware of their pastoral role and pupils know there is a very wide range of people to whom they can turn in time of need.   The recent Ofsted report and ISI inspection concluded that pastoral care was of the highest standard.

The Tutor System

This is a fundamental part of our pastoral care.  Pupils meet tutors regularly for discussion of academic progress and objectives but topics usually range far more widely.   The personal tutor becomes a mentor whose guidance is vital if pupils are to make the best use of all their opportunities.