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Entry Procedure

The main points for entry to Canford are at 13+ and 16+. There is also the possibility of 14+ entry if space is available and if test results and school report indicate that the applicant is able to embark successfully on a two-year GCSE programme.

Registration Overseas Entry

Canford welcomes applicants from overseas.  The school is run as a full boarding school, and so is well equipped to cater for their needs.  At weekends there is a full programme of activities.  For further details, please click here.

Currently, around 5% of pupils are British ex-patriots and about the same number are foreign nationals.

Statement of provision for English as an Additional Language

> EAL Translation in Traditional Chinese

> EAL Translation in Simplified Chinese

Chinese Student Applications and Enquiries

All enquiries from students or agents relating to Chinese students should be addressed to Mr. Michael Couch, the school's representative for China at or phone 86 -10-52033401.