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Canford School is committed to broadening access to the School for prospective pupils, as well as supporting current pupils.  Help with the payment of school fees is available as means-tested financial assistance offered to parents/guardians who can demonstrate a genuine need for support.  Such ‘financial assistance’, traditionally known as a ‘bursary’ is provided in the form of a discount of up to 100% of school fees, depending on the financial and other circumstances of applicants.   Bursaries (means-tested fee discounts) are available and may cover up to 100% of the fees and extras. 

For a general overview of our scholarships and bursaries, please click here.

Our Financial Assistance Scheme outlines the process and factors that are taken into account when awards are made.

Useful Contacts

Admissions:                 01202 847207 or
Bursary Team:             01202 847551 or