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Awards for new entrants to the school are made at 13+ for excellence and potential in various fields. A general overview of our scholarships may be found here.  Specific brochures and entry forms for all these scholarships are available from the Admissions Office

Scholarship Supplements (means-tested reductions in fees)

Pupils who have been awarded a scholarship may be eligible for additional help with the payment of school fees in the form of means-tested financial assistance, a ‘scholarship supplement’.  This is provided in the form of a discount of up to 100% of school fees, depending on the financial and other circumstances of applicants.    

Our Financial Assistance Scheme outlines the process and factors that are taken into account when awards are made.

Useful Contacts

Admissions:                 01202 847207 or

Bursary Team:             01202 847551 or



Brochures and Entry Forms

Brochures and entry forms with the specific dates applying to a given year are available from the Admissions Office from the May prior to the event.

Past Papers

Copies of past academic scholarship papers are supplied to Preparatory Schools whose pupils are registered for the year in question.

Key Dates

To view forthcoming scholarship dates, click here


In all cases the Governors reserve the right to determine the number and value of scholarships to be awarded. All scholarships are tenable with effect from the September of the year in which they are awarded. They are renewable annually and are held throughout a pupil's career at Canford on the recommendation of the Headmaster.

Sample Downloads

Please click on the link below for sample downloads of  scholarship examinations.  To save the file to your computer, please right click on the link and 'save target as'.  The file is in MP3 format.

13+ Scholarship French Listening tests 

> Example 1

> Example 2

> Example 3

> Example 4

13+ Scholarship Spanish Listening tests

> Example 1

> Example 2

> Example 3

> Example 4

If you have any problems downloading the file, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions office.

13+ Scholarships

It is Canford's policy to encourage excellence through the awarding of scholarships and for those awards to be funded by a financial package to enable pupils to come to the school who, without the assistance of a scholarship, would not be able to do so. In accordance with the agreement of the majority of HMC schools, no award or combination of awards will exceed 50% of the fees. All Canford's scholarships are indexed as a percentage of the fees so that their relative value remains constant throughout the scholar's school career.  For a general overview of our scholarships and bursaries, please click here.


Music: 30/31 January 2017

Sport: 3 February 2017 (boys), 6 February 2017 (girls)

Drama: 22 February 2017

Art: 23 February 2017

Design Technology: 23 February 2017

Academic: 26 February-1 March 2017


Academic Scholarships

A number of scholarships, ranging from 50% to 10% of the fees.  Winners of these will not be required to sit the Common Entrance examination. Candidates for Academic Scholarships who do not win awards but who perform satisfactorily in the examinations will not be required to sit the Common Entrance Examination.

Candidates for all other scholarships must qualify academically for entry into Canford either via the Common Entrance Examination or Canford's own Entrance Tests for those at schools not offering Common Entrance.

A sense of what we are looking for in academic scholarship candidates can be found here.

Armed Forces Scholarships

Two scholarships at 13+, each worth not less than 20% of the fees, to be awarded to the highest placed academic and non-academic award winners who are children of serving members of the British Armed Forces.

Music Scholarships

A number of scholarships and exhibitions, ranging from 50% to 10% of the fees. Each award carries free tuition on two instruments.  Further information including audition guidelines may be found on the Academic Music page.

Jubilee Art Scholarships, Design Technology Scholarships and Drama Scholarships

For each category, one scholarship of 20% or two scholarships of 10%.

Sports Scholarships

A number of scholarships ranging from 50% to 10% of the fees.